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Hunyuan Qi Therapy Program

Hunyuan Qi Therapy Training Program

Since 2011 Hunyuan Qi Therapy, based on Zhineng Qigong Science, is shared around the world by Master Yuantong Liu. He specifically designed the Hunyuan Qi Therapist Training Program for students interested in becoming a health- and well-being coach, for themselves and for others, based on a system that is dedicated to the principles of evolution, regeneration and holistic health transformation. ...
16 Aug - 31 Oct

Zhineng Qigong am Bad Zwischenahner Meer – Die 3 Säulen der Gesundheit

24. - 26. August - Zhineng Qigong am Bad Zwischenahner Meer - Die 3 Säulen der Gesundheit Entdecke faszinierende Methoden und Ideen, um deine Lebensenergie (Qi) zu stärken. Trainiere wissenschaftlich belegte Übungen, Meditationen und effektive Ansätze, die dein Wohlbefinden und deine Gesundheit ganzheitlich fördern. ...
24 - 26 Aug
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Bad Zwischenahn, Germany
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Learn and practice Qigong with Master Yuantong Liu from Meishan, China – in Germany

10% Diligence Discount 30% for Qigong teachers, coaches, health professionals, doctors 30% for the HYQT Community Master Yuantong Liu and his team of international Hunyuan Qi therapists will provide effective health practices to assist participants in activating their self-health care management skills and self-healing powers. ...
20 - 24 Nov
9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Bad Zwischenahn, Germany
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