21 Days Healing and Travel in China – Retreat

21 Days Healing and Travel in China – Retreat

Heal your heart and body With Teacher Wei and Teacher Tao

This unique retreat combines traveling, experiencing ancient Chinese culture and practicing the healing methods of Zhineng Qigong. Learn all about Zhineng Qigong medicine to transform body, mind, and emotional levels to a happy, healthy and free new life.

Contents of the healing course:

  • Learn the theories of Zhineng Qigong medicine
  • Change unhealthy thinking and living patterns, and replace them with healthy living patterns
  • Learn and practice healing methods deeply
  • 3-day fasting meditation to cleanse the body
  • 3-days silence meditation for purifying consciousness
  • Teachers will give healing guidance to each participant
  • Get healing from Chinese teachers
  • Group qi field healing  (dissolve tumors and blockages)

For more information on schedule, travel tips, retreat cost, and payments contact Teacher Tao: taoqingyu@139.com or view here 


Jul 28 2023 - Aug 17 2023


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