24 days Intensive Healing & Healer Retreat in Malaysia- With Teacher Xi and Teacher Sun

24 days Intensive Healing & Healer Retreat in Malaysia- With Teacher Xi and Teacher Sun

Join our upcoming Healing and Certified International Healer training retreat in Malaysia, which will be specially provided for those who need healing and someone who wants to become an International Zhineng Qigong healer.

  • Our Healing Retreat will help release you from the misery of disease, so you can live in greater harmony and freedom.
  • The Healer Training is designed to make you a true Zhineng Qigong healer. You will be able to help others while making your own life more stable and laying a solid foundation for realizing your own value in life. achieving your life’s desires.

The 24-day healing retreat was one of the most popular courses at the original Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Center. Before the Center closed in 2000, hundreds of thousands of patients came from all over the world. In that time patients were healed of more than 180 diseases that had not been cured in hospitals (including cancer, tumors and diabetes).

Place: Penang, Malaysia
Cost: USD 3,600 (including accommodation, tuition, and healing fees).

  • Based on the use of a double room. If you want a single room, this will be an additional USD 20 per day.
  • The examination is only for people who want a certificate of International Zhineng Qigong Healer.

Exam / Certification fee: USD 150. (Those who do not want a certificate will not take the examination and will not need to pay the extra USD 150.
Contact: For inquiries, please send an e-mail to Teacher Xi: info@qibenzhi.com

for more information on retreat visit LINK Zhineng Qigong intensive healing-healer retreat in Malaysia/


Nov 05 - 28 2023




Penang, Malaysia
Penang, Malaysia


Qibenzhi with Xi Xiaofeng and Sun Yu
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