3-Day Winter Workshop

3-Day Winter Workshop

In winter, all things return home – a familiar safe space, a shelter – to rest and relax and plant the seeds of intention that will burst forth in spring growth.

Listen – By focusing within, you can become increasingly aware of the messages you are receiving both from your physical body as well as the wants and desires of your soul

Reflect – Sitting with the messages and reflecting on the direction that they will take your life is part of planting the seeds of your intention for the coming day, weeks, and months ahead

Allow – The winter element is water. Among water’s properties is the ability to allow obstacles to be as they are and to flow in the path of least resistance. The allowing is the nourishment needed to foster the spring growth of your intentions

Join us to experience

  • Hold Qi Up Pour Qi Down
  • 3-Centers Merge
  • Circle Walking
  • La Qi
  • Qi Naps
  • RhouFu
  • Uniting 3 Dantiens
  • Breathing Methods


Dec 15 - 17 2022


Pacific Standard Time
9:00 am - 4:00 pm






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