DISTANT HEALING free day & workshop with Peter from Xi’an

DISTANT HEALING free day & workshop with Peter from Xi’an

Online Event One free session, register for next 3-5 days retreat.
All levels welcome Zhineng Qigong DISTANT HEALING Retreat
Mini workshop 5 days + one free session. 1.5 hours each session; with deep powerful teaching and healings, and recording link for you to download & keep forever.
You are invited to partake in a healing journey with an amazing Zhineng Qigong Teacher from Xi’an Center China!
(Peter) Zhu Wanfeng is super exquisite Zhineng teacher & healer.
Enjoy 1 free session, if you love you can register for retreat.
Free session:
Zoom 3955067432
password 987654321
Pacific: 3:00 P.M. November 27, 2020
Beijing: 7:00 A.M. November 28, 2020
Please register for the
Retreat 5 sessions, live with recordings to register email: upkelli@gmail.com
or for questions.
Retreat Dates & Time
Pacific: 3:00 P.M. November 28th, 29th, December 5th, 6th, 12th.
Beijing: 7:00 A.M. November 29th, 30th, December 6th, 7th, 13th.
Cost: varies
Live on zoom with link to download *recording and keep forever, for your personal use.
All in: 5 Sessions 1.5 hours $80.00 USA
Try me: First 3 sessions 50.00 USA
Yes! more: Add last 2 sessions $30.00 USA
*Recordings only- 10% discount All in $72.00 USA
*Please do not share recordings.
Friends can purchase them for good flowing, impeccable field, respect & good merit for self & the teacher.
Email upkelli@gmail.com for registration and payment details.
About Teacher Peter from Xi’an
Zhineng Qigong distant healing technique is beneficial, can be felt immediately, is energizing, and powerful. Heal Self, and help others, family, friends, & the world. Teacher Zhu Wanfeng is offering five each, 1.5 hours live on zoom, sharing healing & teaching distant healing for beginners & experienced qigong practitioners. He has great effects and feed back from many long term practitioners. You can come experience, learn and heal with palatable effective Qi filed! Yes, you will notice and experience His rare gifts, and abilities giving distant healing individually or to a group. He has healed three Covid patients successfully, and one of them was in ICU before his healing.
He also has many successful cases of healing digestive problems, asthma, arthritis, insomnia, spine problems, movement disorder, high fever, cysts, depression, diabetes, hypertension etc.
For beginners, you will learn some basic healing principles and technique. For experienced practitioners, you will improve your healing technique, and feel great benefits!
In 1993 Teacher Zhu Wanfeng knew about Zhineng Qigong from his brother. Since 2004 he began to learn and practice ZNQG sincerely. In 2011 he began teaching ZNQG in China, Europe and Africa. Influenced by his 12th ancestor, a famous philosopher of Qi Theory and the teacher of Qianlong Emperor, he is dedicated to spread Qi Theory and wisdom culture. He believes that spreading Zhineng Qigong will bring more health, wisdom, love and peace to this world.
I am honored to share this precious & rare opportunity to work with this information and share with you all to help myself, others, and the world. Love Kelli


Nov 27 2020 - Dec 13 2020


-time listed above is pacific time zone. Beijing time for free one is 11/28/20 at 7 AM.
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm


11/27/20 free. cost to register for retreat varies from $50.00-80


Via Zoom Online


Kelli McGowan Ling Yuan
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