Healing Sounds Alchemy

Healing Sounds Alchemy

Beloved Friends
My happiness right now is inviting you to celebrate A New Beginning with a 3 HOUR IMMERSION into the Alchemy of the 5 ORGAN SOUNDS.
We will practice sounds, mudras & conscious thoughts to transform and harmonize all dimensions of each organ: physical, emotional and spiritual.
Only as consciousness can we harness the transformative power of our most challenging experiences: anger, fear, worry, grief and pride.
Only as consciousness do we ever experience the TRUE HAPPINESS that we are.
All experiences are WELCOMEWHAT: Healing Sounds Alchemy
WHEN: Sunday, March 14th, 10am – 1.00pm PST
WHERE: ZOOM | phone
PRICE: sliding scale $30 – $50 (recording and material included)
REGISTRATION: PAYPAL (danielaqi@yahoo.com) | VENMO @ Daniela-Carraro | check

From our previous sessions

  • “Dearest Dani, Wow! This was an intense session in an extremely beneficial way. Thank you. I felt young and ageless.I felt young in my agelessness …”
  • “You are the Master who blew away all my resistance to sound healing……and that has surely been transformative.”
  • “Dani, Thank you for yesterday. It was wonderful. I woke up this a.m. still filled with joy.”
  • “You are a precious Chanel of healing sounds ! Your pure heart is felt and beats as one with mine”
  • “Dani’s exquisite teaching of the sounds vibrates in a soulful gentle way deep in the organs for the most flowing transformation. I am so grateful to experience the sound in this Way. It is a wonderful experience to feel able to RELAX for the first time EVER during a sound healing practice! The practice is similar to what I learned in the past BUT the effect..so so healing and soothing .and her share of Dr Pangs sounds blew my heart wide open!


Mar 14 2021


10am | 1pm PST, 1pm | 4pm EST, 7pm |1 0pm EUROPE
10:00 am - 1:00 pm


Sliding scale $30-$50
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