Life Changer “The conscious principles of successful people”

Life Changer “The conscious principles of successful people”

Based on Hunyuan Qi Therapy and Zhineng Qigong Science gain new inspiration and explore the power of your consciousness to shift, transform, create and evolve towards the life you love


Part of Life Changer: Towards the life you love!

Life Changer “The conscious principles of successful people”

Period: April 16 – April 28, 2021


Previous Life Changer Participants share their experiences:

  • “I’m really enjoying the training and am noticing beautiful physical and energetic changes.”

  • “My life has changed gear and I have opened up my mind and my heart with the practice. Most important is my awareness of this and how it has given me the capacity to change my daily life – health and well-being. I have a level of control now that I never had before.”

  • “I have improved my mental and emotional level, I don’t get stuck in worrying as I used to. After have done Qigong training, I feel more joy and relaxed.”

  • “Since joining the program I have significantly more daily energy when I used to be very exhausted and fatigued.”


What you can expect:

  • Understand and apply the power of intention to shape your perfect life
  • Explore the power of your consciousness to shift, transform, create and evolve towards the life you love
  • Nourish positive polarity no matter the circumstances and challenges
  • Be relaxed like a Buddha!
  • Your upright mind-set is like a light-house to cultivate an open heart and mind, enjoying the present moment in abundance
  • More details to come soon!


Focus and Content:

  • Overview of the conscious principles of successful people
    1. The principle of intention
    2. The principle of living your life congruent with who you are
    3. The principle of the ability to respond (responsibility)
    4. The principle of transformation
    5. The principle of “what is, is”
    6. The principle of firm confidence
    7. The principle of joy and personal freedom
    8. The principle of igniting the inner wisdom and healer from within
  • The essence power of Zhineng Qigong – subjective and objective aspects

We will share these powerful practice methods with you, which you can choose to incorporate in your own daily practice routine:

Qi is abundant, plentiful and unobstructed

  1. Qi Core Improvement
  2. Three Dantian Meditation and La Qi with the inner Column of genuine Qi

Nourish a positive mind-set, open your heart and mind for the power of your true heart’s intention and the present moment

  1. Hun Yuan Ling Tong Chanting
  2. Chanting the Sound of Joy
  3. Open the Wisdom Method



You will receive your full schedule upon registration

Online theory & practice sessions on Fridays & Saturdays

All Fridays: 17h00 – 19h00 (CEST / Berlin-Amsterdam-Paris Time Zone) / 11h00 – 13h00 New York Time Zone

April 16 and 23

All Saturdays: 15h00 – 18h00 (CEST / Berlin-Amsterdam-Paris Time Zone) / 09h00 – 12h00 New York Time Zone

April 17 and 24

Plus optional practice sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays:

All Mondays: 17h00 – 19h (CEST / Berlin-Amsterdam-Paris Time Zone) / 11h00 – 13h00 New York Time Zone

April 19 and 26

All Wednesdays: 17h00 – 19h (CEST / Berlin-Amsterdam-Paris Time Zone) / 11h00 – 13h New York Time Zone

April 21 and 28

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Total hours: 18 hrs


Investment in your Health and Well-being:

210 Euro

Participation Fee includes:

  • Live Theory and Practice Sessions on Fridays and Saturdays online via Zoom
  • Practice Sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays
  • Informative E-Book: “The conscious principles of successful people”
  • If you miss any of the scheduled sessions, we will provide with you the essentials of presentations and practices. Please note, that this might take some time before we are able to share them with you


About the Program Facilitators

Zhineng Qigong Master and Co-Founder of Hunyuan Qi Therapy Association: Yuantong Liu

Master Yuantong Liu has been engaged in Zhineng Qigong Hunyuan Qi Therapy healing and teaching for more than 30 years. He successfully accomplished the rigorous teachers program in the Zhineng Qigong Hua Xia Qigong Center – known in the West as the first „medicine-less hospital of the world“ (near Beijing) under the guidance of Dr. Pang Ming. He continued to work closely with Dr. Pang Ming for 10 years. He has supported the healing of thousands of people. Among other things people healed from mental, chronic and terminal illnesses. He teaches the principles of Zhineng Qigong Healing in his own Qigong Center in China, as well as in Europe, the USA, Mexico, South Africa, Indonesia and Malaysia. His commitment to sharing the essence of Zhineng Qigong Science globally is based on his vision to allow as many people as possible to benefit from the wisdom, beauty and easy, yet effective tools of this scientifically proven self-healing art. Healing, inner wisdom, balance, increased self- awareness, trust and confidence are concrete results of studying and learning from Master Yuantong Liu.


Zhineng Qigong Teacher and Co-Founder of Hunyuan Qi Therapy Association: Britta Stalling

For more than 20 years, Britta has studied, practiced and shared different self-healing & self-empowering methods as well as Zhineng Qigong Hunyuan Qi Therapy principles. She is teaching and sharing Zhineng Qigong and Hunyuan Qi Therapy internationally, e.g. in South Africa, China, the USA and Europe since 2006. Britta works together with Master Yuantong Liu since 2011. She has been trained by some of the most advanced International Coaches & Trainers from the USA and Europe, as well as by different ZQ Masters from China. Britta has gained unique experiences as a certified Coach and leadership trainer in an international training organization focussing on leadership development and leadership skills. When she moved to South Africa, she developed and set up an In-house Training Academy in a BPO company. Britta is valued by her clients of various nationalities and cultural backgrounds for passing on her knowledge in an authentic and inspiring way.


Apr 16 - 28 2021


CEST (Berlin-Amsterdam-Paris Time Zone)
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm




Via Zoom Online


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