Living in Freedom Continues

Living in Freedom Continues

Three-day Immersion Retreat of Level One Practice

Dani Carraro and Reyna Lerma recently shared Peng Qi Guan Ding Fa Method, the Level 1 of the Zhineng Qigong system. Many profound transformations occurred, and all practitioners were supported by a powerful, compassionate qi field.

In this retreat you will learn foundational principles of healing and disease according to the Zhineng Qigong perspective, and how to use Level 1 for self-healing and to support healing others (known as fa-qi).

Although a basic method, it is also one of the highest stages of practice.

From the beginning, the open and close of the body movements intensify the open and close of the mind. This mind/body rhythm opens the qi pathways of the individual to effectively absorb external qi. This process naturally improves the quality and quantity of qi inside the body for optimal health and healing.

With deep love, Daniela Carraro and Reyna Lerma will present this profound practice from their vast training experiences. As dedicated practitioners, they will openly share insights with you to support your progress. These insights can be applied beyond Level One practice, working in your life to create transformation on all levels.

This immersion retreat will contain a spectrum approach, integrating precise detail, methods to advance in the practice, and movement based on deep relaxation.

With open arms and hearts, they welcome you to dive into the freedom of Level One practice with them.


Apr 09 - 11 2021


10 am - 5 pm PST - PST | 1 pm - 8 pm EST all three days
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


$210 USD before March 21 - $260 after March 21


Via Zoom Online


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