Zhineng Qigong MINGJUE GONGFU TRAINING (1 year online program)

Zhineng Qigong MINGJUE GONGFU TRAINING (1 year online program)

Intensive Mingjue Gongfu Training
Online Program

From 5 June, 2020 To 12 May, 2022

The Mingjue Gongfu training online program is a structured online course focused on gradually developing, deepen and intensifying a pure, stable, peaceful and harmonious consciousness state.

“Through Mingjue practice, we can go beyond the control of old thinking patterns, beyond any inner conflicts and fear in the mind. Thus, the beautiful state of openness, acceptance, happiness, freedom, peace and true love will appear by itself. This naturally brings health and harmony to yourself, your family and society.” – Wei Qifeng
The practices are very simple but cover the essential methods for improving the entire life on body, qi and consciousness. It focuses on purifying and stabilizing consciousness, makes body qi abundant and flowing well, makes body strong, flexible, and beautiful.
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Jun 05 2021


Beijing time zone
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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