Natural Sitting/ Straight Leg Sitting

Natural Sitting/ Straight Leg Sitting

We are a team of 4 experienced Zhineng Qigong Teachers, who are all impressed by the

efficiency of this method. This method combines physical practice, deep awareness training and the

activation of Qi, by sitting quietly and lingering in nurturing

silence! Deep relaxation and the strengthening of the whole body are benefits you will soon observe. Particularly the spine, the kidneys, the bladder and the legs will become stronger. The body will change layer by layer. A deep sense of mental clarity and the feeling of being rooted and at home in your centre (Mingmen area) will naturally evolve and your resilience will improve.

For more details and enquiries view the flyer here : Natural Sitting-L-Sitting 100 Tage Gong-1 


Oct 23 2023 - Feb 02 2024


8:30 pm - 8:30 pm


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