Our Powerful Heart – Online Retreat with Jianshe

Our Powerful Heart – Online Retreat with Jianshe

Online Qigong Retreat to open our Potential

With teacher Jianshe Liu


We are lucky to live in a time where we can communicate and share with each other online. While it is great to see eacher face to face, sometimes it helps also to connect and share during our daily lives, from the comfort of our homes. This is what is possible with these small online retreats of two hours a day. Jianshe’s strength is the simplicity of his teachings. The focus is not so much about the technique, but more about the effortless way to be in a qigong state, connected to higher dimensions, and changing our lives from this state. You are very welcome to join us !


“I started thinking clearly, and my heart became light. For the first time I took the step of not being afraid of my mind. Now I am feeling the joy of being free and loved by myself” Elif, Retreat of July 2023



  • Feel your body more light and graceful. Full of youth and vitality.
  • Your mind will be quieter and clearer, connecting with high dimensions.
  • Your intuition will wake up and become stronger
  • Enter a state of gratefulness to the universe by connecting to our pure (baby) heart
  • Connect to more simplicity, joy and happiness in your daily life



  • Two hours online each day
  • Combination of lectures, practices and questions
  • Group Support and Sharing on WhatsApp
  • Optional fasting during the retreat to amplify the benefits

About teacher Jianshe:

Jianshe is an experienced Qi Gong teacher, who teaches from the heart and was trained by Dr. Pang Ming, founder of Zhineng Qi Gong. Jianshe has his own Qi Gong centre in Hainan China and has given many retreats and workshops through the whole world. His simple and authentic teachings continues to transforms many lives.


Date: 24-30 of September 2023

Time: 3-5PM Paris, 9-11AM New York

9-11PM Beijing, 2-4PM London

Price: 120€ for 3days, 250€ for 7days

How to book:

  • Contact Yoann (+33 6 25 85 42 25 or yoann.chikung@gmail.com)
  • Step 2: Fill in the Form sent to you
  • Step 3: Pay with Paypal, Revolut or Bank Transfer


We look forward to see you 💜


Sep 24 - 30 2023


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm




Via Zoom Online


Yoann Regis
+33 6 25 85 42 25
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