Pure Consciousness Training – Trust & Let go

Pure Consciousness Training – Trust & Let go

n order to deal with and solve our problems, we cannot make use of the same level on which they were created. In the past decades many people and society have tried to find trust in our minds, in our daily thinking. More and more people now experience this is no longer sufficient. We need a new way to see our lives.

In Zhineng Qigong the key to this new way of experiencing our lives is in YiYuanTi (YYT). YYT is not a something, it is a way of perceiving ourselves and our world. YYT perception is free from habitual thinking patterns, free from likes and dislikes and free from judgement. In YYT we perceive clearly and on a much more subtle level than we are used to.

This YYT perception is not something far away; you already do it. The only reason for not recognizing it is because we color our perception with the patterns of emotions and thinking habits that we gathered during our life.

Another way of putting this is the difference between perceiving from the ‘small me’ – ‘ego me’ – that needs fighting and fear to stay alive, or trusting a deeper knowing which is beyond that and in which you embrace all. It is in the background of our thinking – a clear and silent spaciousness in which thinking, emotions and sense perceptions appears.

What’s the benefit of YYT perception?

To be truly healthy means to be free from worries and fears and simply to trust in our natural being. When you practice YYT perception, you experience less problems. It can lessen your fear, anxiety and stress and enhance joy and compassion. By recognizing the connection of all and everything, you no longer need to feel alone, depressed or imprisoned.

The training

Master Jianshe leads us with much love and clarity to more confidence in our own abilities to live freely and independently. By strengthening your trust, relaxing and letting go of everything that separates you from your heart and unity.

What you can expect:

  • meditations to discover the inner source of strength
  • experiencing true consciousness related to Yi Yuan Ti
  • strengths of the heart connection
  • living stories from the life of a Qigong master
  • exercises to calm the mind and focus on your own wishes
  • answers to your questions for a deeper understanding to support your authentic practice
  • with Zhineng Qigong level 1 exercises like La Qi and Lift Qi Up Pour Qi Down
  • Language(s): English


Feb 20 - 28 2021


Four sessions in total: 20, 21, 27 and 28 February
2:30 pm - 4:30 pm




Via Zoom Online
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