Returning Home | The Journey of YiYuanTi

Returning Home | The Journey of YiYuanTi

Retreat Series (can be taken one session|one day| one retreat | both retreats)

The time is NOW to RETURN HOME, to say YES to the Essence of Oneself – in our practice, Dr. Pang Ming named this YiYuanTi.

Resting as we are, the truth of one’s self is revealed – this is the one and original practice of Zhineng Qigong.

When we move, meditate, and vocalize mantras from the true self of who we are, the practice becomes a CELEBRATION, a FRESH new beginning – again and again. All the benefits of this awakened consciousness will pour into our experience – stillness, true happiness, health, joy, being the Master – a new life filled with grace.

Give yourself the GIFT of enjoying a profound qi field filled with love and wisdom as heart to heart and mind to mind we merge as ONE.

We will be sharing simple yet powerful tools to awaken your true self, with the knowledge of YES – I AM, and ALL IS WELL.



Nov 12 - 14 2020


10 am - 5 pm PST - Pacific Standard time | 1 pm - 8 pm New York EST
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


$60 USD - one session | $100 USD - one day | $240 full retreat


Via Zoom Online


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