Travel and Healing Retreat in Inner-Mongolia, China

Travel and Healing Retreat in Inner-Mongolia, China

Join us in the Travel and Healing retreat, a journey
through the vast Hulunbuir grasslands! 

Experience enjoyment, master and cultivate yourself supported by the space of, and spend time in the Hulunbuir grasslands.
Experience its very special healing Qifield to:

  • Open your heart, to awaken inner peace and joy
  • Explore the traditional Mongolian nomadic lifestyle and culture
  • Experience deep healing in nature
  • Transform all your anxiety, stress, inner fears, and insecurity

Everyone’s heart has its grassland: it’s wide and open, vast and boundless; its beauty makes your heart open to find inner truth; with clear rivers, blue skies of limitless energy, white clouds, flowers in bloom, Mongolian yurts, cattle, sheep and horses, ancient forests, wetlands and starry skies… and also original Mongolian culture, Mongolian folk music (the magical throat singing (khoomei), string instruments, and the melodious Mongolian ‘chang diao’).

Everything here touches your heart and seems full of legends.

Contents of the healing course

  • Learn Zhineng Qigong medical theory and healing methods.
  • Vanquish negative emotions that impact your health.
  • Discover the power of thought that transforms inner blockages and restlessness.
  • Receive the pure energy of heaven and earth through unifying with nature.
  • Change your field of consciousness to heal your body and mind.
  • Learn to inhabit your own carefree safe space.
  • Build qigong thinking habits to live life more positively.
  • Three days of silence & fasting to purify your body and mind.
  • Teachers will offer individual healing guidance to each participant.
  • Receive healing from the teachers, and group qi field healing.

It’s a place to truly open your heart, to heal, to relax, and calm your body and mind.
Enroll now and embrace a future filled with vitality, joy and inner freedom.

Your teachers:


The total price is: 16800 RMB


Please contact Teacher Xi:


Jun 19 2024 - Jul 09 2024



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Qibenzhi with Xi Xiaofeng and Sun Yu
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