USA zoom Qigong practice and Theory daily classes.

USA zoom Qigong practice and Theory daily classes.

All levels welcome Monday – Thursday support on Kellis zoom gatherings for teachings, practice time, q&a, and details to improve fast and go deeper with epic healings deeper teachings.

This zoom is kind, loving, supported with new practitioners and seasoned teachers! And loving qi family of NEW people with severe conditions, and those in the middle. ALL ARE WELCOME! We are all students and Teachers with gentle love and deep commitment knowledge heart to heart.

You can just listen and lay down no need to be in good physical or mental shape. This can improve on all layers and levels step by step. Healing is truly ‘what you want you get”

This course helps us to clear out the reference framework and patterns that cause the blockages, so we can be free, the “master” no longer a ’slave’

For additional support we will have group text message available because many of us practice as if in full retreat several of us have been doing this for years.

Because we simply love the practice, to fall in love and return to TRUE self. -others to heal “serious” condition, and find a path HOME.

-because we LOVE qigong and the qi field, we connect and to join remotely no space no time to practice or review recordings – every day. (Not mandatory) via text but remote.

Daily live journey Q&A, teachings: deeper good information, and practice:

For this, we will have a Monday – Thursday Zoom class to join a committed healing ZNQG FAMILY – all can join (not mandatory)

We are here, to learn more, to go over questions teach the meaning of Meridians, gates, homework, assignments, energy movements etc, so and go into study this year we are focused on good information on the Reborn course of Ling and Lu & recordings. You would need to purchase the Reborn recordings the blocks for the Saturday and Sunday review-emial kelli

To support, the teachings and practice together. We will submit the homework ling and lu gave and other level 1,2,3, teachings so you can get a very good foundation!

No charge no obligation. For additional support, Monday – Thursday zooms the only fee is for Ling & Lu recordings for new participants.

For participants who previously took the reborn course there is no charge, for this review or weekly Mon-Thu meeting; however you may make a donation if you like for the Monday – Thursday gatherings. (Not mandatory)

Also, You may join or watch the recording remotely with your vimeo password good for one year from now.

Any questions upkelli@gmail

If financial hardship please inform us we can apply to get help and try to work with you.

this class is open and on going for may months now. 4:30 PM Pacific time zone. (San Francisco, CA)


Nov 17 2020


on going
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm


donation no fee


Via Zoom Online
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