Weekly Group Practice

Weekly Group Practice

Deepen your practice, find the beautiful life that you deserve!

Weekly practice with Teacher Xi, Teacher Sun and Carin.

Starting November 2, 2022

Are you looking for

  • deepen your practices?
  • open your consiousness or to observe it more deeply?
  • You like to experience deeper understanding of your body and mind energy?
  • Recovering from illness or discomfort?
  • Or just looking for a way to achieve a higher level of health?
  • Exercises to support you to recover from illness or discomfort
  • ……Any other reason you feel where Zhineng Qigong can support you.

Online group practice
In order to improve the overall good health level and to enhance physical permeability and emotional stability to transform all challenges in daily life.
In these practices the practice has the main focus; to improve our life vitality through in-depth Zhineng Qigong Practice. This practice is co-led by three teachers: Teacher Xi, Teacher Sun and Teacher Carin
More details please visit the website:https://qibenzhi.com

Qi Benzhi Community


Nov 02 2022 - Jan 30 2023


9:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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