Xin Shen Zhuan training (Body and Mind Method)

Xin Shen Zhuan training (Body and Mind Method)

This April Zhen Qingchuan returns to Madrid to lead Xin Shen Zhuan training and certification for instructors.
He will teach us this Second Great Method of ZhiNeng (Body and Mind Method) in a pure way, just as he learned it from Pang Ming.
Anyone who has already taken a course with Zhen knows his interest and dedication in helping the practitioner learn and perform the posture in an ideal way, always dedicating his attention to each of the participants and helping them understand and internalize the movement.
The practice of this method strengthens the body, opens the meridians, facilitates the flow of Qi into the bones, tendons, and our entire physical structure.
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Apr 26 2024 - May 05 2024




El Escorial - Madrid (Spain)


Viviendo Zhineng
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