Your life in the most beautiful flow/December

Your life in the most beautiful flow/December

December- Relax and live joyful

When you are able to empty your mind, completely relaxing without many thoughts, ideas, emotions, desires, plans and all sorts of annoying things, your own mind is like a relatively clean mirror.

In this state, everything is clear. And it is waiting for you to discover it!

Being able to stay in this mirror state is like facing the world, every day a little bit as something new. You can compare it as something like we know from the images in fairy tales: Grandpa Sun is happy today, the flowers smile at me, and a bee flies by as it has something to tell me.

Training your mind to be in this mirror state will let you experience your life in a very balanced and flowing state. In this state it is very easy to find answers to all your questions, to heal from dis-comforts or disease. Everyone knows how bad stress is for our health. But often we don’t know is how to fortify ourselves against it. Even the slightest trigger can influence your life and make your vulnerable to mental and emotional disbalance and even physical illness.

In this workshop Teacher Xi and Teacher Sun provide very effective ways to live more deeply from a mirror state, a relaxed state. This to strengthening energetic boundaries to gain higher consciousness, connected with your true self and to access your life purpose more easily. The teachers explain and teach simple, easy to follow and effortless Zhineng Qigong movements to nourish your Qi flow ( inner life force) through your body ánd mind. Learn how living more in this “mirror state” keep you stable during the challenges of everyday life.


  1. ‘Reaching the deep relaxation of the body’ practice
  2. Unity of the universe, nature and yourself, experience the qi field of internal and external merge together.
  3. Experience opening the “Zhou tian” through the guidance of the mind

Date: December 18, 2022

Time: 7.30- 10.00 PM Beijing time
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December workshop: €75,-  

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Dec 18 2022


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm


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