Your life in the most beautiful flow/January

Your life in the most beautiful flow/January

January -Connecting with your ‘True Heart”

January 7, 2023

Feel the connection with your True heart through Qi-field practices.
When a person feels connected with his/her ‘true heart’, he lives and acts from love and compassion, and there is no misalignment.
But why don’t we often see people living this way?
What is the problem that modern people tend to have?
We often seek a thing or a person, always focusing on the outer world, always have a lot of ambitious plans. Always busy in our mind with things that we think still ‘needs to be done”, always thinking, thinking, and thinking.
In this state we lose the feeling of connection with ourselves and of the present moment. This state is called in qigong: “separation of body and mind”.
In this workshop we learn and practice to (re)connect with our True Heart again. To live our life from love and compassion.
We learn what a Qi-field is and how to use this knowledge in our daily life.
To make our Qi (inner life force) flow very well, abundant, without obstruction.
How to use it to transform blockages and to create a happy, healthy flow within you and in your environment.

Kind reminder: The more you heal your own by connecting yourself again, the more you help heal the world as well.”

In this workshop Teacher Xi and Teacher Sun provide some very effective ways to reconnect your True heart state. This to strengthening energetic boundaries to gain higher consciousness, connected with your true self and true heart and to access your life purpose more easily. The teachers explain and teach simple, in a most joyful way, easy to follow and effortless Zhineng Qigong practices to nourish your Qi flow (inner life force). Learn how your Qi-Field can connect you with your “True Heart “and keep you stable during the challenges of everyday life.


  1. Practice great concentration
  2. Concentration into the body
  3. Qi circulation method

 Date: January 7, 2023

Time: 7.30- 10.00 PM Beijing time
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January workshop: €75,-

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Jan 07 2023


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm


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