Beyond Practice International Qigong Retreat in Germany – with John Miller, Anke Huerkamp and Olivier Rijcken

Beyond Practice International Qigong Retreat in Germany – with John Miller, Anke Huerkamp and Olivier Rijcken

In the beautiful surroundings of the Eifel we will explore how to use Zhineng Qigong in everyday life in order to create meaningful change. Through shared practice, conversations and walks in nature we will find out how the patterns and habits that we get caught in can be changed in order to create your own inner freedom.

Escaping from the busyness of life on a retreat is all well and good, but using the retreat to simply cope with your life is not transformative. Taking something transformative from the retreat and applying it to your life is the way to make meaningful change. That is why we invite you to explore the potential that lies “Beyond Practice”. During these three intensive days we will help you to actually use the tools that exist within your practice to create something transformative and new for yourself.


Your Tutors

Anke Huerkamp

Anke is a passionate and enthusiastic Qigong teacher and mentor who empowers people to reconnect with their hearts in order to consciously redesign their lives. Using Qigong, Anke helps people gain greater clarity and focus in order to live in a more free and self-determined way.


John Millar

John believes that the real power of the qigong is in integrating it into everyday life. His work with Zhineng Qigong is joyful and fun, focussing not just on the theory and practice, but also on the application of the techniques in all situations.



Olivier Rijcken

Olivier is an artist, a creative and a Zhineng Qigong teacher. His insight into creative cycles brings these worlds together in a way that helps us to better understand how we can bring a wish or idea into reality and how we can then use this –  on more existential life themes – to experience inner freedom.



Location :  Germany, the Stiftsberg Educational Centre
Start: February 1, 2024 @ 17:30 End: February 4, 2024 @ 14:00
Organizer: The Qigong Academy Ltd
Phone: 07909513839

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Feb 01 - 04 2024

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